Why Project Time Management Is Your Defense Against Delay and Disruption

When the timely completion of a construction project or a project stage is at risk or has failed, the result is disruption or chaos, and this has been the subject of many lawsuits for many years. Delay and Disruption disputes are often centred on time issues. The CIOB has reported its findings that projects that suffer from disputes about delay also suffer from poor time control. So it would seem that good project time management would be an essential element of any construction programme.

Project Time Management is too often neglected

This is not often the case. Of the issues that commonly determine project success, cost, quality and time, time is the least understood and least often managed with the support of formal models, benchmarks or tools. Managing project timings seems to sit in the shadows of successful project management. Where, for example, Quantity Surveying is a specific and recognised discipline, with professional bodies that govern performance and advise on techniques, there are no such bodies for the time-related aspects. Time management is often viewed as simply a feature of the project management software. But if we don’t lend greater priority to managing time, then time-related issues, such as delays, will have a disproportionate impact when they go wrong.

Put a strategy in place for managing time on projects

Having a strategy in place for training and tools that improve project time management will bring immediate and long-term rewards; good time management in construction project management is key to minimising the risk of a delay and disruption claim. Managing time using tailored and developed time management software is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of any construction company’s best practices. It is a discipline that brings with it a trail of evidence and auditable records that can be used to stand up in any law case and minimises the risk of even getting that far in first place by encouraging best practice and mitigating risk.

Pick the tool with Project Time Management capabilities

The effects of poor time management relate to every size of project, but the more complex a project the more disproportionate are the effects and impacts of time. So having the backup of strong project management information systems that can show how plans may have adapted throughout the course of a project to cope with deviations provides a strong defensive tool for when things go awry.

Choosing the right project management solution is essential. The time management tools embedded in software for managing construction projects, regardless of complexity, are much more capable than the simplistic time management models which are designed to improve personal productivity. They are fundamental to the contractor’s productivity and the effective management of its entire supply chain. They are also necessary for the building of a strong reputation for good project time management, which is essential within an industry long suffering from delay and disruption issues, and will create a distinct competitive edge for the contractor.

Modernized Property Management Solution for Landlords

Renting out multiple apartments, homes, commercial spaces etc, always involves a number of tasks and property issues. It can be quite confusing to keep track of all the details if they are not handled in the right manner. Achieving this is no mean task, but if you have the right administrative package, you will be able to eliminate lot of hassles that come with property management. Whether you are a letting agent, a realtor or a property manager, you can now use a modernized tool to help you maintain accurate records of your property details at the click of a button and also ensuring that your are legally compliant with the property laws at all times.

Property Management Made Easy

Managing numerous residential and commercial properties the traditional way is not only cumbersome but very time consuming. After all, keeping track of payments, contract terms, maintenance, taxation, etc is no mean task and these cannot be avoided either. Most property owners either assign their property management tasks to letting agents or a local real estate agent who continues to use traditional methods of book keeping. This way of managing properties involves some amount of risk and as a property owner you may not have complete control. Therefore, to ensure complete safety and transparency in the way your property is managed, it is better to use certified administrative software to help you stay in control of all the dealings, payments and other highly essential tasks related to your property.

Choosing Property Application Software

Certified and completely self sufficient property application software can ensure hassle free administration of your real estate business. There are different types of software to purchase from. While some are simple and straight forward, others will require you to install several other programs. Choosing the right property manager software is important, as it can save lot of time and effort. Instead of choosing a program that requires more hands to maintain your real estate records, purchase a tailor made software that will meet your individual requirements. In this way, you will be able to look after your homes and offices without the hassle of having to integrate several programs.

Purchasing the Program

There are some good online companies that offer customized accounting solution for letting agents and landlords. The highly advanced property management software links seamlessly into sage accounts in simple layman way. As much as it is important to buy a tailor made program, it is important to purchase it from certified online vendors. Such companies offer professional support and training to help you maximize the benefits of using accounting software in your real estate management. Some companies offer trial packages and even money back guarantee on their products. This can be a good opportunity for you to explore the program options before you find the right solution.